You could quit smoking in only ONE HOUR!*

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If someone could wave a magic wand, and you’d be a
 non smoker for life, with no cravings and no weight gain, wouldn’t you want that? Of course you would as it would be
 a dream come true. This works irrespective of how many times you’ve tried to stop smoking, over how
 many years, or what other products and methods you've used that have failed.

You’re about
 to end your cravings forever – even if you’ve been a heavy smoker. How can I be so sure? 90.6% (source) of everyone who has taken this NLP/Hypnotherapy program has quit in one hour,
 without cravings, without ever wanting to smoke again. 90.6% (source) of all clients!

And when I say “no cravings,” I mean you won’t crave smoking,
 you won’t feel struggle, you won’t crave food and gain weight,
 you won’t feel nervous or fidgety. You will just feel good,
 and you will not fail (again)! I know of no other plan, program, or product that has this track

Two simple, small steps to be a non-smoker for life!!

  • Ring me to book and
  • Attend the session.

That's IT! You will leave the session as a permanent non-smoker!*

If, in the unlikely event, you take up smoking again at any time in the future, follow up sessions are FREE*

RING NOW on 1300 4U2 Quit or 0411 08 28 78 and let's get you booked in.

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* Disclaimer: Results vary per person, subject to qualifying. We will conduct a free phone interview to determine whether you are really ready to quit smoking, as we can only help those who are genuinely ready. If, in the unlikely event that you do not quit in the first session, follow up sessions are free.

We cannot guarantee that you will quit smoking, though we do guarantee to provide FIVE FREE sessions if you don't quit in your first one-hour session, or if you EVER begin smoking again at any stage of your life. If you still do not quit after five-free sessions, we will give your money back.

Smoking Cessasion with Hypnotherapy has a clinical success rate of 90.6% as you can see from the research findings from University of Washington School of Medicine, Depts. of Anaesthesiology and Rehabilitation Medicine, Int J Clin Exp Hypn. 2001 Jul;49(3):257-66. Barber J and